Monday, October 27, 2008

JOSHU: The mirror

Look at the mirror,
and see your real face.

If you see something,
you did not get it.

If do not see anything,
you did not get it.

Stop thinking,
and just look.

Stop feeling,
and look again.

Do not stop thinking,
and just look.

Do not stop feeling,
and look again.

My friend,
look without looking.

Then you will SEE,
that which can not be seen.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Sharpness: Trekking

Trekking and sharpenning the mind.

The Sharp Peaks (les agudes), in Montseny (Barcelona).
October 26, 2008

No-Self: Muga and Shravaka

This state of freedom,
lets the mind enjoy itself.

No-envy, no-fear, no-desire,
just empty bliss.

Satori is a glimpse into no-self,
but not the mature fruit.

My particular path is Mahamudra,
which mixes up with Zen.

I´m not telling you to follow me,
but just to find your own path.

In fact, my friend, there is only
one path: the path of no-self.

If you can tread the path,
you will become nobody.

Are you willing to vanish,
jumping into emptiness?

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Sunday, October 19, 2008


The first time you jump,
it´s a new sensation.

The second time,
it is again a new sensation.

Drop the plane of your ego,
and taste the fruit of freedom.

If you do not dare,
you will never BE.

Flying ZAZEN.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ZAZEN: Ego and Mirror

Look at the true mirror,
and tell me what do you see.

If you see a mask of your ego,
just focus on it, deeply.

It will try to escape, to hide,
so be mindful and tie it.

Once it calms down, drill it
with insight, sharply.

Keep pushing, and eventually
you will get inside the mirror.

Then you will discover,
that the mask is empty.

You will see the strings,
that control the puppet.

Then , you will enjoy the game,
until the strings break down.

The mask of habitual tendencies,
will become your disguise.

You will be the mirror,
using the many masks.

You will become spontaneous,
and become a zen practitioner.

This is ZAZEN.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Living Zen: Listening

Before doing, you must listen;
listen to the many voices within.

You will hear the warrior,
stuck in pride and envy.

You will hear the monk,
clinging to solitude and silence.

You will hear the trader,
fettered by ambition and success.

You will hear the libertine,
sinking in unrestrictedness and lust.

You will hear many more voices,
all of them wishing to rise from the dead.

They are just phantoms,
echoes from your past.

Let them pass by, and your mind will
become self liberated.

Then, after listening carefully,
doing will take place.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zen and daily life

If you think ZEN is beyond ordinary life,
you will never find it.

Zen is an attitude, a view, a way of living.
In fact, there are not any "Zen activities".

When somebody reaches Zen mind,
all his activities become Zen.

It does not matter what activity you do;
What does matter is your level of awareness.

It is true that if you become a Zen Master,
you can use any Art as a door to Zen.

Unless you find a genuine Zen master,
your practice of supposed "zen activities"
will not help you to wake up.

You can reach mastery of many arts,
but that does not transform you into a Zen

Like clouds in the sky, thoughts will
pass by, and nothing will fetter you:
ordinary mind, ordinary life.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Satori: SEEING the nature of mind.

When time vanishes,
past, present and future
become NOW.

Thoughts only fetter your mind,
when time still rules over it:
do not cling to thoughts,
and time will not be.

Let thoughts pass by,
they are only mind expressing itself;
this is HISHIRYO.
this is real peace.

SATORI is your real nature.
Movement of mind is HISHIRYO.
Don´t get entangled in concepts.
Just relax, and enjoy whatever happens.

All genuine practices lead to SATORI.
It depends on your capacity and karma,
to take one path or another.
Do not feel jealous of your brother ahead
of you: be happy for him and for you.

Some people need salt,
others need more sugar.
You are not separated from Zen;
Zen is not apart from you.

Crack the wall,
crack the one who is sitting,
crack zen.