Thursday, November 27, 2008

Gautama: Enlightenment

When your heart burns with the fire of compassion,
and your mind shines with the light of unborn wisdom,
then you can call that buddha.

Daughter of light,
do not forget that you came out
of the darkness of emptiness.

Change your old skin,
and let Mind just be:


Tamika said...

So you are much more familiar than I am with Buddhism, Zen and the like. I think I was somewhat knowledgeble on my last post regarding the Bodhi or Boddhi (?) tree. :) Anyway, your blog is very refreshing and educational and I look forward to reading and learning more.

marpa said...

Thanks for the correction, Tamika.

I guess I thought about buddha,
and then I created a new word:)Boddhi, the tree of the buddy buddha.

In fact, Hui Neng was illiterate,but he had the ability to know the essence of the sutras.

Zen is about getting to know the esence of mind, and intellectual knowledge is regarded in some aspects as a source of problems, when it is not backed up with INSIGHT, which is developed through Zazen.

This blog can be useful to you,
but you will only reach enlightenment though your own genuine practice.