Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Zen 10 Ox-herding pictures: 5- Tamed

Traditional Poem:

Under the green poplar, by the ancient stream,
the buffalo moves in harmony with nature.
Returning at sunset over the fragrant meadow,
the buffalo follows the boy, who has dropped his rope.

My words:

Now your karmic imprints are being quickly cleansed,
and there is no need to use artificial mindfulness.
Mind is free from the impulse of bad habits,
even though a few of them still remain.

Life becomes spontaneous practice,
while satori manifests effortlessly.
There is a sense of natural freedom,
and boy and bull become one.

As long as we follow the stream of the lineage,
we can never get lost in confusion again.
The stream leads us towards the patriarch,
under the shadow of the tree of compassion.

Eating the grass of bliss,
mind is already tamed.

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