Saturday, January 2, 2010

Freedom: Spontaneity

When thoughts become like leaves,
falling naturally from the tree,
mind is set free.


Ben said...

hi nice blog.
I noticed some photo are Chinese pics.So proud.
If my thoughts become like leaves falling naturally form the tree,and I will have a sweeeet dream.Sometimes I can't sleep well as well as my friends.

marpa said...

Hi Ben:

I can see you are living in the land of Hui Neng.

If you fall sleep when the thoughts fall from the tree, they are not falling NATURALLY.

Dullness and sleepiness are a consequence of too much RELAXATION.

You should TIGHTEN your mind and then thoughts will fall naturally.

The balance between relaxation and tightening is NATURALNESS.

Maybe then your sleep will improve.

Have a good time.:-)