Sunday, April 4, 2010

Shingon: Bijas

Meditation techniques are useful
as long as we do not cling to them.

Form is emptiness,
emptiness is form.


Rizal Affif said...

Nice one.

The map is not the territory; considering the map as the territory is plain foolish.

Clinging to particular technique is, too, plain foolish.

hoangky said...


hoangky said...

Please help erase the "test" message, thanks. hkbt.


Morse "language" (codes) is a way for communication to get ,say, a message.

Simaphores "language" (codes) is also a way for communication to get, say, a message, too.

The essence is to get (understand, realize) the message (awakening), not the mastery of the means (languages, codes) for getting it.

Meditation, in essence, has nothing to with our physical bodies! It is just methods devised to help those whose views are deeply deluded.

The Sixth Patriarch Huineng's teaching does not concentrate on how one should physically sit; instead, he wonderfully concentrate on shattering practioners' ignorance directly to attain awakening. It is like asking someone to stick his finger to a 120Volt conductor. Anyone can imagine his reaction once his finger touching the live wire! He will surely awaken!

If these humble words discomforts you, please accept my apology and forgive me.


marpa said...


Nice to hear from you.