Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Wall within the Cave

Welcome to this virtual Cave.

You are trapped, now.

If you look around, you´ll see nothing but four walls, the floor and the ceiling.

You got in here and now there is no way out...apparently.

Maybe its about time you face this old wall, and find the way out.

This is what all the Zen Patriarchs have done in the past,
and what all the Zen practitioners will have to do at some point,
in order to become Patriarchs.

This is not a gentle and soft way:
it is a tough one.

In fact, you will be pushed, kicked, shouted, beaten... in order
to keep you awake.

You can close your eyes, and imagine that you are not in this cave;
in fact, this is what you have been doing up until today.
Now you are awake, and you know that you have two options:
either you keep sleeping and daydreaming, or
you face this Old Wall in front of you and find a way out of this cave.

There is no standard method to follow.
It all depends on your karma.
My job is to help you out of the cave of ignorance.

By the way, my alias inside this cave is Hui Neng.

Whenever you open your eyes, you´ll see the Wall
of obscurations that you yourself have created
through your own ignorance, and I´ll be there
to kick you, so you don´t fall asleep again and
keep looking.

The rules are very simple:

Face the wall, and LOOK.

If you take it seriously, then you will SEE.

It is not about Thinking, Analyzing and Imagining.

It is only about LOOKING and SEEING.

I´ll be your worst enemy as long as you cling to your EGO.

I´ll be your best friend if you CUT your attachment to your EGO.

Remember: This is a way for warriors.

Good night if you go back to sleep.

Call me Kyoshaku if you want to FACE the WALL.

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