Sunday, August 31, 2008

Zen 10 Ox-herding pictures: 2- Initial training

Traditional Poem:

Controlled by a rope through it´s nose,
The buffalo runs swiftly under the whip.
It is no easy thing to overcome a willful temper,
as the boy struggles hard to lead the buffalo.

My words:

Right now, not later,
sit down your mind.
Look closely at the bull:
Is it white or is black?

This is the initial stage of the practice, when we become in touch with the confused mind.

With the ROPE of CONCENTRATION, we observe the mind.

With the WHIP of MINDFULNESS, we keep placing our attention on the mind,
and don´t get distracted.

This is the stage of learning to pacify our mind, what is also known as Shamata meditation.

It is not easy at this stage to pacify the mind, because it has roamed for so long.
But with the Whip of diligence and mindfulness, and the rope of concentration we will finally calm the mind down.

This is the stage where more of the practitioners give up, not being really COMPROMISED with the path of Liberation.

If we don´t take the path seriously, we will never be able to go beyond this stage, because
without DISCIPLINE it is not possible to TAME the MIND.

So, my friend, are you taking the path seriously, or is it just another of your hobbies?

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