Sunday, October 5, 2008

Zen and daily life

If you think ZEN is beyond ordinary life,
you will never find it.

Zen is an attitude, a view, a way of living.
In fact, there are not any "Zen activities".

When somebody reaches Zen mind,
all his activities become Zen.

It does not matter what activity you do;
What does matter is your level of awareness.

It is true that if you become a Zen Master,
you can use any Art as a door to Zen.

Unless you find a genuine Zen master,
your practice of supposed "zen activities"
will not help you to wake up.

You can reach mastery of many arts,
but that does not transform you into a Zen

Like clouds in the sky, thoughts will
pass by, and nothing will fetter you:
ordinary mind, ordinary life.

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