Thursday, October 2, 2008

Satori: SEEING the nature of mind.

When time vanishes,
past, present and future
become NOW.

Thoughts only fetter your mind,
when time still rules over it:
do not cling to thoughts,
and time will not be.

Let thoughts pass by,
they are only mind expressing itself;
this is HISHIRYO.
this is real peace.

SATORI is your real nature.
Movement of mind is HISHIRYO.
Don´t get entangled in concepts.
Just relax, and enjoy whatever happens.

All genuine practices lead to SATORI.
It depends on your capacity and karma,
to take one path or another.
Do not feel jealous of your brother ahead
of you: be happy for him and for you.

Some people need salt,
others need more sugar.
You are not separated from Zen;
Zen is not apart from you.

Crack the wall,
crack the one who is sitting,
crack zen.

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