Friday, October 23, 2009

Hell: Confusion and suffering

Confused mind is hell.

Mental disturbances are demons.

Ignorance is the root of suffering.

Dispel the fog of ignorance,
and hell will turn into heaven.


Anonymous said...

Simple yet speaks to the heart. Great picture of hell.

marpa said...

Hi KN:

The four noble truths are simple to understand too, but no so easy to take into practice.

Regarding the picture of hell,I could have used any of the images we can see every day on the news, related to war, killings, hunger, but they are too crude even though we are getting used to them and becoming indifferent.


Bow Singing said...

The hell picture made me really scared.

marpa said...

Hi Bow Singing:

If that leads you towards practice,
then fear was brought into the path.