Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Suffering: First Noble Truth

Is internet a source of suffering?

Your Self states: Yes, it is.

Is your Self the root of suffering?

Your Self says: No, I am not.

Who is asking these questions?

Your Self whispers: I am not.

A No-melody appears from nowhere,
and it goes: Clinging, clinging, clinging;
That´s the root of the tree of confusion,
that yields the bitter fruit of suffering.


Rose Belle said...

Beautiful photos and slides on your blog. And always, your posts are very profound.

marpa said...

The eight-petalled rose offered its virtual perfume, but kept its essence hidden near the golden gate.


DocQ said...

It’s the noise in the head,
That we mistake for thinking,
That is the very ground,
In which the weeds of self are sown.

What sorrow and confusion we reap,
When this poisonous fruit is grown.