Monday, September 29, 2008

Singing: empty faked zen

Say one word,
and that is gone.

Don´t say two words,
and you are gone beyond.

You can sit for ten kalpas,
but you will still be in the formless realm.

If you don´t practice real ZEN,
your practice becomes your jail.

All genuine Zen practitioners left behind,
their old contriving practices.

If you want to remain among the dead,
keep sitting like a corpse.

Don´t take anything for granted:
Zen is simple, but not foolish.

If you want to find out what Zen is not,
get into a Zen Institution.

Then you will know if your motivation is true;
Then you will see the shadow of ZEN.

Sitting like rocks, and boiling like water,
zen priests will try to kill your mind.

If you succumb to their death discipline,
you will fall into the pit of pride and envy.

If you think I am wrong, I wish you good luck:
sooner or later you will unveil this truth.

If you doubt about what I am saying,
then just investigate and drop all assumptions.

If you know what I know,
then you are a member of the lineage.

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