Friday, September 19, 2008

Takuan: Katana and paintbrush

Your mind is the sword of wisdom,
that cuts ignorance dispelling it,
and penetrates the darkness
of your five skandas.

Your mind is the brush of creativity,
that expresses the sound of light,
and draws the lines
of luminous emptiness.

Warriror, fight for your life,
don´t let the demon of laziness
turn your bliss into suffering,
your bravery into cowardice.

Zen is for you,
but only if you dare.
Wake up and fight,
fight your own convictions.

Don´t worry if you are scared;
fear is not bad.
But don´t cling to fear,
just let it flow and cut.

Are you ready, warrior?
I´m waiting for you,
just behind the mirror,
the mirror of your mind.

Are you ready, monk?
Your real face is waiting,
just behind your mask.
No fear, No death.

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