Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dogen: No-Zen of a Fanatic

You could not teach,
what you never learned.

You deceived yourself and others,
pretending to know the unknowable.

The time has come,
to unmask your ugly face.

When the recipient is filthy,
the nectar turns sour.

You have not been sitting;
you have just been sleeping.

You are the thief,
who tried to steal my head.

I knew you would come,
and try to take what is not yours.

Now is the time,
to reap your bitter fruit.

Zen will prevail,
and you will abide by it.

Demon of Fanaticism and Envy,
go back to your dark dungeon.

From now on,
you will have no legs.

You will bite,
whoever I tell you.

That is your salary,
that is your destiny.

Now the time has come,
to utter your real name: Devadatta.

Stay well Cerberus,
and just DO YOUR JOB.

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