Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hui Neng: Be honest to yourself

Don´t cling either to success or to failure:
they are just part of the game of samsaric life.

Motivational gurus make their living out of expectations:
they will show you how to climb fast, but not how to fall naturally.

Life goes up and down, and they pretend to turn it into an eternal up:
there is nothing wrong with going up and down; just don´t cling to it.

Faked masters will show you how to pacify your mind:
but they will not show you the nature of mental perturbations.

Zen is not what you think it is;
Zen is not what you think it is not.

As long as you use your conceptual mind to look for Zen,
Zen will keep being unknown to you.

Drop all your ideas about Zen and Zen practice;
Look at the nature of mind, and everything will turn into Zen.

Don´t ever think that you can find Zen in the zen temples;
you will only find wolves eating sheep.

Sitting like a rock won´t turn you into a Zen practitioner;
that will only turn your mind into a rock.

Do not trust the pretended zen experts,
they are just zen egos looking for followers.

They are just like vampires,
trying to suck your vitality.

Wake up from your "zen dream",
you are just where you started.

You have become a ritual Zen addict,
but that is not becoming a zen practitioner.

A faked zen practitioner gets a faked zen master;
a genuine zen practitioner gets a genuine zen master.

Please, be honest to yourself;
and life will be honest to you.

Sit and face your wall;
faked masters just want you to turn back from your wall.

The wall is not what it seems;
Look and you will SEE.

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