Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mahakashyapa: Zen versus faked zen

When the genuine masters are gone, then the bluffers and deceivers show up.

It was a long time ago when the deceivers put their hands on zen, and started a new faked line that takes its practitioners to a dead end, a cul-de-sac.

One of the most famous of this deceivers is Mr. Dogen, alias Devadatta.

Unfortunately, the Japanese Zen Institution, like all corrupted institutions, regards this deceiver as a master, and this is the reason why there is only corruption and degeneration in the Japanese Zen, and in all the off-shoots of the Soto Zen worldwide.

This astute deceiver started a new lineage of faked zen, pretending to be a genuine master and successor of the old Zen Patriarchs.

He was a very smart fanatic, that never saw the Nature of Mind, but through his charisma and cunningness, managed to steal the name ZEN and give it a complete new significance, in total opposition with the original and genuine ZEN LINEAGE.

He is the one that Hui Neng prophesied that would come to steal his head, meaning that he would try to divert Zen from its Genuine Lineage.

And apparently he succeeded at it, but only apparently, because the time has come to put things in its appropriate place.

It is very ususal that pretenders try to usurp what they envy. In this particular case, Mr. Dogen and more recently Mr. Deshimaru in the west, have tried their best to establish their wrong and deceitful method of "only zazen" as the real and genuine ZEN, but unfortunately for them and the ones like them, in the long run, all the masks fall down, and the genuine practitioners can see their real cunning purposes.

This is the destiny of degenerated faked masters: to go deeper into their own hell, the hell they themselves have created through their ignorance.

All the lies and "half truths" they have been telling, will be unveiled in our days, and their degenerated zen will come to an end.

So the honest and true practitioners, will be able quit this flawed system, and practice accordingly with the Lineage of the ZEN Patriarchs.

This is the Beginning of the end of FAKED ZEN.


Kidlington said...

To claim that all offshoots of Soto are fake Zen is to cling to dogma.

If you re-read the Heart Sutra you may feel less inclined to generalize quite so broadly.

marpa said...

Hi Kidlington:

What I´m saying is that all soto Zen related to Dogen is FAKED zen, because he was a FAKE.

Therefore, the Japanese soto zen institution is Faked, because as far as I know they consider Dogen as a genuine zen master.

I´m not asking you to believe what I say, but to INVESTIGATE it. That is not dogma, just an ASSERTION, which is based on my EXPERIENCE and my INSIGHT. You should take that as a hypothesis, and investigate the validity or falsehood of it.

I know the Heart Sutra quite well, and I´m quite sure it does not say to cling to a physical posture to reach enlightenment, and that is what Mr. Dogen and the like preach with their fanatic "zazen".

If you have a low INSIGHT, you can re-read the heart sutra 1000 times, but you will miss the essence 1000 times. Unless you see the nature of mind, the sutra reads you, you do not read the sutra.

To make an assertion is not dogma.
To believe or reject my assertion without investigating it is a DOGMATIC approach, which is not the Zen approach.

I wish you the best.