Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sosan: Turning blogging into Zen

Blogging will become one of the western Zen activities, like calligraphy in Japan.

You can become a Blog-addict or a Zen-blogger.

You can turn blogging into a mundane activity, or into Zen.

It only depends on how you practice it.

Following these 10 simple rules, you can turn your blogging
activity into Zen practice:

1) Let BODHICHITA be your motivation.

2) Be MUSHOTOKU: Let the blog flow naturally.

3) Don´t be concerned about blog traffic: It is a matter
of QUALITY, not of quantity.

4) Be HONEST: Post what you FEEL, not what you
think is better for your image.

5) Let SPONTANEITY be present: Don´t moderate comments.

6) Show your FACE: don´t hide.

7) THANK ALL your visitors: You have a connection with them.

8) Keep a LEARNING ATTITUDE: You can always learn
from your interactions with others.

9) See the blog as EMPTY: it has not a permanent self-nature.

10) See the blog as LUMINOUS: it is a manifestation of your own
mind, and not separate from it.

If you follow this simple rules, blogging will take a new dimension for
you: the ZEN dimension.

Enjoy it.


i.cely said...

hello fellow zen blogger, i really love that picture of a zen garden at the bottom of your blog. where did you get it? If it is yours, can I get permission to use it on my blog??

marpa said...

Hi i.cely.

I got the picture of the zen garden in picasa.

You can do whatever you want with it, if you like it. It´s a public picture.

The picuture of the chinese landscape on top of it is also from picasa.

Like Zen, from China to Japan, and now to the west.

I wish you the best.