Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fudo Myo: The Blog Ego or BLEGO.

A new manifestation of EGO that all bloggers, old and new, have to face, is the BLEGO, or Blog EGO.

BLEGO comes out as a result of our identification with our blog or blogs.

As all kinds of EGO, BLEGO is a source of suffering: maybe we don´t get any traffic into our blog, or maybe there is traffic but just a few comments, or maybe many comments but many of them do not agree with our opinions, or maybe we only get one time visitors and they never return, or...

If we think erroneously that our blog has a permanent self nature, and we identify ourselves with it, then that will only bring SUFFERING. Maybe we will experience a high when our BLEGO expectations are accomplished, and we become "successful" bloggers, but in the long run that will turn into suffering, because whenever there is any kind of identification with an external object, suffering is the fruit that we will reap, just because the law of IMPERMANENCE will prevail and the blog will inevitably decay, bringing with it anxiety and suffering.

Zen blogging is MUSHOTOKU, which means there are no goals and no expectations. We just try to be useful to other people, without expecting anything in return.

If we really SEE that the blog, the blogger and blogging are EMPTY of any permanent self nature, then there will be no BLEGO, and consequently, no suffering.

If we really SEE that the blog, the blogger and blogging are LUMINOUS EMPTINESS, then blogging will become a ZEN activity: we will be FUDOSHIN.

This virtual cave can be really useful to us, if we know HOW to LOOK at the wall.

Blogging can become a ZEN activity, and the screen in front of us, a reflection of our wall of ignorance.

We must FIND and IDENTIFY the BLEGO, observe how it works, and CUT our identification with it.

This is the greatness of ZEN: it adapts to the time and circumstances: HERE and NOW.

Marpa asked to Hui Neng: So my dear friend; what is Buddha?

And Hui Neng replied: the SCREEN in front of you is buddha.

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